This article from Bloomberg news gives an excellent summary of what constitutes good customer service, all based on the authors interviews with some companies that had provided her with exceptional service.  She provides this short list of the key points she learned from those companies;

  • Customer service should be thought of as marketing, not a separate business function for which to budget.  Getting customer service “right” is the company’s primary goal, not a secondary one.
  • Positive word-of-mouth: That’s the goal of one other company mentioned in the article.  Providing the best customer service is part of what that company called “the loyalty loop”—providing a good product with good service to keep customers coming back.
  • According to the article, Southwest Airlines has a simple goal: Make its customers feel loved.  That’s a pretty good philosophy to take in customer service.
  • Analysis shows that customers want prompt, knowledgeable people to solve their customer service problems.  Fair enough. has gone so far as to provide an instant connection to a real human being on its Kindle Fire product, when the customer hits a “mayday” button. It takes 15 seconds or less. Hmm…

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