Image for Customer Service Apply These Four Core Beliefs Post - citadel-hill-2973_1920According to this article from, the key to providing excellent customer service is to keep it simple and to do it well. That makes sense.  The author asserts that one way to simplify the way you think about the customer service you provide is to think about the four rules that drive all human behavior:


Rule 1: our beliefs drive our emotions

Rule 2: our emotions drive our behaviors/em>

Rule 3: our behaviors produce our results

Rule 4: our results reinforce our beliefs

How Understanding Human Behavior Can Improve Customer Service

So can we apply any of this to how we provide customer service? Yes.

You want to:

  1. believe that your customer service is your product,  
  2. know what emotions you want your customers to experience in order to drive sales  – and you’ll want to know what emotions will cause your staff to be motivated and engaged
  3. continuously improve behaviors to produce the results you seek
  4. measure your results which, in this case, means measuring your customers’ opinions of you.