Image for Customer experiences matter; are you doing all you can? PostCustomer service and the customer experience are two components that can set your business apart from all the others, while research has shown customers are even willing to pay more when good customer service comes along with the price. In the infographic included with this article from, we learn key facts about customer behavior such as…

1) 70 percent of a buying experience is based on how a customer feels doing business with you.

2) 81 percent of companies reward employees who treat customers fairly.

3) Only 65 percent of companies provide effective tools and training to ensure staff is well-trained in providing excellent customer service.

4) It takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one bad one.

5) 89 percent of customers have stopped doing business with a company when there has been poor customer service.

6) 45 percent of customers will give up during an online transaction if their questions aren’t answered or problems solved quickly.

7)  When making an online purchase, 83 percent of customers require some kind of customer service interaction with the company.

Has your company done all it can to ensure proper training and tools for your employees to excel at customer service? One way to find out is through a mystery shopping program which can provide a third-party objective viewpoint of what the customer really sees.