Image for Building customer loyalty PostThere’s no doubt we are in a global economy, which means we’ve got to have a whole new view of our competitiveness as companies. In his article, “If you don’t, someone else will … the key to customer loyalty”, Guy Arnold suggests that it’s no longer about marketing and distributing your product or service.  The fast-moving global market means that business is more about “reputation, referrals and consistent excellence.” In our minds, that comes down to providing the kind of customer service that leads to long-term customer loyalty, even when compared to companies across the globe.

Here’s what the author says you have to do to stand out globally and build customer loyalty:

  1. Make sure you know the guiding principles of being obsessed with your customers. If you’re not obsessed, others will beat you to it.
  2. You must have a way to gather customer feedback professionally and constantly.
  3. You must have a way to engage your customers in providing feedback.
  4. You’ve got to have people in your company who are empowered to solve customer problems.
  5. You must be marketing to your customers based on what those customers need.
  6. You must continuously improve on what you’re doing.