This article looks at some relatively minor changes you might be able to make within your business that could result in improving the experiences your customers are having with you.

1) Technology: Take a look at all the ways a customer communicates with you to determine that they are clear, easy to follow, and truly offering value. Customers today want to contact you in their preferred method, not yours. One of those new methods may be the ability to chat instantly with someone in customer service, by clicking one button on your website.

2) If you have social media sites, monitor them constantly. If anyone raises a question or complaint there, respond immediately.

3) Make customer retention and loyalty your priority concern.

4) At the least, a customer expects friendly employees, easy access to information and to contact points, and a personalized experience with you.

5) Make sure you are being “human” with all customers. Employees must smile, be genuinely interested in the customer, and devote 100 percent of attention toward that customer whether online, on the phone or in person.