Use mystery shopping to check employee preparedness, company training programs

How can you determine that your employees know everything that they should know to serve your customers well? This article suggests that mystery shopping is an excellent way to determine this. Mystery shopping services can reveal an employee’s level of sales knowledge and his or her understanding of the products or services you are offering. It can point out whether employee training is adequate or if more is needed.

 A well-trained staff can be the mainstay of your business. An effort to determine that your employees have absorbed what you’ve told them about company policies, how to treat customers, and the ins-and-outs of every product could pay for itself in terms of revealing where you might have gaps. A customer service evaluation program can also show you where you might have failed to provide adequate training in, say, products that have been added recently or are more complicated, or in company policies that may have changed.

A mystery shopper will go much further in getting a true picture of the customer experience than a visit from you or a manager will. An employee is always operating at his top level when the boss is nearby.  When it’s “just” a customer? Maybe not.