Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration in these 10 super customer service stories offers a new article featuring 10 over-the-top customer service stories that show at least some companies are actually putting their customers first, not just saying they do. Click through to the full article for inspiration, but here’s a summary:
1) When a 3-year-old pointed out that the grocery store Sainsbury’s “Tiger Bread” really looked more like a giraffe than a tiger, it resulted in some fun correspondence between the company and the girl and, ultimately, the changing of the name of the bread!
2) A frequent customer of a certain hotel really, really loved her room’s alarm clock, which featured ambient spa-like music.  She Tweeted about the clock and on her next visit, found one as a gift to her from the hotel management.  (This story also shows the potential power of social media as a customer relations tool.)
3) A young boy can’t play the latest release of his favorite video game because of his hospitalization awaiting a liver transplant. His father writes to the company and the company responds with all sorts of gifts related to the game delivered to the hospital on Christmas day.
Don’t think you have to hope your business comes across one of these types of unusual situations in order to make yourself stand out in the area of customer service.  Read the full article for more inspiring stories.