Shopping is Measuring

Management does not have the anonymity and the luxury of regularly observing and evaluating the performance of each customer contact employee.  So, how do you know if your personnel are indeed a positive force in your sales effort or unknowingly undermining every advertising dollar you spend?

As anyone in management appreciates, information feedback must be an integral part of any strategy, system or plan.  A training program is no exception.  If an investment in employee performance is vital to your success, only a continuous systematic evaluation of your training efforts will protect that investment.

Unfortunately, objective measurement of the quality of your service delivery, and therefore of the effectiveness of your training, is as difficult as it is important.  The plethora of variables involved in statistics on sales and assets prevent you from isolating and measuring training alone.  Customer surveys can tell you a lot, but they are both time-consuming and expensive.  The other alternative – “shopping” – is a unique and relatively objective tool of measurement that is remarkably free of these constraints.