How to write a perfect mystery shop report and how to get a shopper rating of 10!

When you take on the job of Mystery Shopper, you’ll soon learn that there are ways to get your ratings up on the shops that you do. Here are a few tips from an article by  Mike Mershimer of HS Brands International:

1. Be on time. Turning in your report as soon after you do the shop can help you make a more complete report because you’ll remember a lot more of the details. Of course, meet the deadline for the report. This will help both you and the editor.

2. Be thorough. The most important part of your shop report is the narrative. Conversations, many details, complete descriptions–all these make for a great report. When you put those details in a report, the businesses and the employees who served you will benefit in the end. When you have to answer a question on the report with a “no,” it’s good to clarify why you chose “no” for your answer.

3. Perfect grammar. Brush up on your grammar for writing your reports. Spelling and using the correct words counts for a lot. Make sure you know the difference between “there”, “they’re” and “their”.Make sure your proofread your writing before turning in your report.

4. Honesty and preparedness. Always be honest. If you’ve forgotten an employee’s name, don’t make one up. Always be prepared for  your shops. Read and re-read what you are supposed to do beforehand to remember what you are supposed to ask or who you are to approach.

5. Consistency. If your ratings are high, you’ll be considered a trusted shopper. Being trusted will get you the better jobs and perks. The key to all of this is to be consistent in your reports.