Electronic Reporting Is Changing Mystery Shopping

Financial Institutions Can Now Access Shop Results Online

Judi Hess, President of Customer Perspectives (Hooksett, New Hampshire), says that technology is shaking up the mystery shopping industry.

“One of the biggest trends in mystery shopping that has changed the industry inside out and upside down over the last couple of years is that banks can now receive mystery shopping reports electronically, usually in less than three business days,” says Hess.

For example, her company sends mystery shopping reports to financial institution executives via e-mail and also provides data reports online through a password-protected Web site.

The fast turnaround has dramatically affected how financial institutions use mystery shopping information to coach and recognize employees, she says. A marketing piece that the company uses to promote the benefits of electronic reporting is shown below.

Customer Perspectives™ offers electronic reporting of your mystery shopping results. This means you can access both individual shopping reports and a variety of data summaries from our secure, password protected website – anytime, day or night. This also means your mystery shopping information will be:

FAST – instantaneous transmission
NEAT– all comments are typed
SECURE– only those with passwords have access


QUICKER TURNAROUND TIME – Report forms are sent to and returned from shoppers electronically. Reports are also edited on-line and then made available to you and any designated managers instantaneously.

HIERARCHICAL SECURITY – You can control what information is available to which level of managers (e.g. – store managers can only see their store reports; regional managers can only see results from their region, etc.)

TRIGGERS – You can specify that automatic e-mails go to relevant personnel if – scores are below a certain level – scores are above a certain level – when questions receive particular answers, etc.

CUSTOMIZED DATA – You can use a variety of queries to call up information in any way you want and change it “on the fly”. This offers endless viewing possibilities.

FASTER SCHEDULING – Because shops are electronically scheduled, transmitted and edited, they are completed sooner, faster and more accurately than ever before.

The technology used is state-of-the-art with continuous new features and enhancements. You’ll love it!

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