Do you have exceptional customer service?

Have you heard of the four pillars of exceptional customer service? The expert writing this article says the following four goals must be met for you to be able to offer customer service that will earn you loyal customers and bring in new customers:

1)      A perfect product

2)      Delivery of that product with care and attention

3)      Quick and on-time delivery of the product

4)      Effective problem-solving when something goes wrong

The first point is obvious: Don’t be selling a product or service that is junk.  The article goes on to state that “Millenials”—the younger buyers just entering the marketplace—are truly not going to wait around for your product to be delivered. They want it “yesterday” and they will not hesitate to go elsewhere for it.  If your product is presented by uncaring employees, your customers will not hesitate to make that fact known to the people in their in-person or online social circles. Finally, when there is a problem, make sure you have the processes in place to solve the problem.  The author suggests a caring mother-like attitude on the part of the employee handling the problem and that the customer sets the tone and lets you know that the problem has been solved to his or her satisfaction.