Customer service horror stories

Image for Customer Service Horror Stories PostThe examples outlined in this customer service blog post can serve as learning opportunities for us all in what NOT to do in business. Take a moment to review them and put them to use to overcome whatever customer service challenges your company might face.

CUSTOMERS HATE: Getting different answers to the same question
SOLUTION: Make sure you have automated responses as well as personnel who will have access to one database where the answers to common customer service complaints are stored. There should be no guessing on the part of the employee, which means employee training is key.

CUSTOMERS HATE: Getting the run-around, especially with tech questions
SOLUTION: Make sure you have systems in place that take care of serious snafus in service quickly and painlessly. Customers shouldn’t have to make several phone calls and they certainly shouldn’t have to demand the personal phone numbers of the company vice president to get results, as happened in the AT&T example in one of the stories here. An automated customer service platform can help in these situations.

CUSTOMERS HATE: Lack of follow-through on company policy
SOLUTION: When stated terms of service turn out to be a terms of disservice, a customer is going to get anxious. Again, employee training in company policy could have deflected the scenario at T-Mobile. Customers shouldn’t have to resort to rants on social media before a company pays attention and resolves a problem quickly.

CUSTOMERS HATE: Inflexible, insensitive threats from companies
SOLUTION: Cable companies are not among the beloved when it comes to customer service, but you would think when a tornado strikes, a company’s late fees or fees for damaged equipment might be waived. A company needs to stay on top of current events and localized problems when service feels or rented equipment is at stake, then be sure to be flexible when necessary.

Which of these scenerios is in danger of happening at your business? Have you thoroughly analyzed company policies and employee training to make sure they are designed to serve the customer first and company second? A customer evaluation such as the mystery shopping provided by Customer Perspectives could uncover any problem areas before they get out of hand and lead you on the road toward recovery.