The Best Choice for Customer Experience Improvement

Our sole focus is delivering high-quality mystery shopping services to measure and help your employees deliver exceptional customer service. This is the key component to improving the customer experience.

That’s why we custom design your customer experience improvement program (CEIP) for each engagement. Your company’s opportunities for improving customer experience are unique, so a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter solution isn’t the best solution for you.

Great Service Reaps Ongoing Benefits

Good service is not just something your customers expect and pay attention to; it’s also something they’re willing to pay for:

  • An American Express survey showed that seventy percent (70%) of customers say they are willing to spend up to 13% more for excellent customer service.
  • A study by IB and eConsultancy showed that 69 percent of brands think they’re providing superior customer experience, but only 31 percent of customers agree.

“For many years we have utilized the Customer Perspectives mystery shops to provide objective feedback on our customer service. A mystery shop conducted in our branch office yesterday, can be reviewed by Customer Perspectives today, and on my computer screen tomorrow morning.…We have found that Customer Perspectives provides a valuable service; one that is a constructive component of our quality service standards.” – Watertown Savings Bank

Contact Customer Perspectives now to see if your customers’ experience is living up to your brand’s name. Call us at 1-800-277-4677 extension 101 or use this form to see how we can help you improve customer service and satisfaction.

Experience the Customer Perspectives Difference

The advantages of working with Customer Perspectives are many:

  • Custom-designed forms, customer satisfaction surveys and data summaries are standard.
  • We have an extensive nationwide database of experience shoppers with excellent writing and reporting skills.
  • Each report or survey is reviewed for accuracy, consistency and completeness; if it doesn’t meet our standards, we re-shop the location at our expense.
  • Your designated staff can access individual shopper reports and data summaries 24/7.
  • Automated email alerts can be sent when shops are completed, scores are above or below specified levels, or when customer service feedback questions receive specified answers.

We are fanatical about delivering outstanding customer service – we think you should expect that from a company that specializes in customer service feedback to improve customer service and customer experience. If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of a mystery shopper report, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Contact us today. Let us help you get started on your customer experience improvement program.

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What Some of Our Clients Say…

Logo of Marlborough Savings Bank, Source of Testimonial
“Marlborough Savings Bank has been using Customer Perspectives’ mystery shops for nearly a decade and they have become an integral part of our strategic plan.”

Citizens Bank Logo
“The [Customer Perspectives] staff is efficient, organized and has always provided Citizens Bank with excellent customer service. I would strongly recommend Customer Perspectives to any business interested in improving sales and service delivery.”

Calvin Klein Logo
“We have been extremely pleased with the service Customer Perspectives has provided since we started using your company in 1993. The detailed comments are excellent and provide our District Managers with a realistic picture of the service we are providing for our customers.”

Sprint PCS Logo
“Customer Perspectives does a fantastic job of handling our needs…thank you for everything you did and the hard work you and your team put in throughout the last year… we learned a great deal about our stores and our customer experience.”