Improving Customer Service with Customer Perspectives

Improving Customer Service with Customer PerspectivesTM

The customer service your employees provide has a great impact on the engagement and loyalty of your customers. But how do you know when there’s room for improvement?

That’s where Customer Perspectives can help, letting you see where your company is delivering first class service and where there are opportunities for improvement. Not only does this process benefit your customers but can also improve employee morale while contributing to the bottom line.

Customer Perspectives will give you the objective, measurable insight you need to effectively evaluate and improve customer service and customer experience (CX).

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“Marlborough Savings Bank has been using Customer Perspectives’ mystery shops for nearly a decade and they have become an integral part of our strategic plan.” Marlborough Savings Bank

See Service from Your Customers’ Perspective

We help you:

  • Uncover your specific customer service issues
  • Measure your training effectiveness and pinpoint training needs
  • Identify your exemplary employees
  • Target individual manager effectiveness
  • Analyze real world interaction with your employees

Out-Service the Competition

In today’s competitive landscape, it is more important than ever to offer top notch customer service. The best way to enhance your customers’ experience is to view your company’s service through your customers’ eyes, and get the actionable feedback that helps you improve customer satisfaction. Mystery shopping (sometimes referred to as Secret Shopping) services from Customer Perspectives are a proven way to gain a clear, unbiased view of your employees’ interaction with your customers.

This short American Express Open Forum video features Customer Perspectives’ owner Judi Hess explaining how mystery shopping works to gain customer insight for a business in Connecticut and shows what kind of valuable feedback is available from Customer Perspectives and how that feedback can be used in improving customer service and the overall customer experience.

Why Choose Customer Perspectives?

  • A Charter member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association of North America, Customer Perspectives™ is one of the original mystery shopping companies, serving businesses across the U.S. since 1987.
  • Extensive experience improving customer service in many verticals including retail, healthcare, and banking / financial services.
  • Customized services to meet each client’s needs and goals.
  • Responsive customer service, easy-to-use reporting and a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

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“Customer Perspectives has been a partner of Bob’s helping to evaluate, assess and address our customer service and sales practices for the last 9 years…One of the most valuable components Customer Perspectives possesses is the ability and willingness to react quickly to our ever changing needs.’ Bob’s Furniture.